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Instructional design matters. No matter how sophisticated the technology or flashy the presentation, boring and irrelevant content is boring and irrelevant.

Let's face it; most of us have taken courses that are supposed to be central to our jobs only to find that we still don't have a clue what we're supposed to do. That's why we design and develop interactive experiences that focus on what your people need to do to be successful in their roles.

Instructional Design

We design custom learning tailored to your specific needs, goals and audience. Our designs are interactive and multimedia-based. Here are some of the elements we us to bring the instruction to life:
  • decision-making scenarios
  • storytelling
  • interactive video
  • audio narration and conversations
  • context-driven activities
  • demonstrations
  • simulations
  • assignments, quizzes, exams
  • social media

Elearning Development

Nancy is one of only 18 Articulate Super Heros so naturally we love using Articulate Storyline, Studio and Rise to develop stunning custom elearning solutions for desktop or mobile devices.



Sometimes all you need is a little help. We offer:
  • elearning design guidance
  • team coaching and mentoring
  • requirements analysis and cost justification
As a leading provider of information security training, I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our annual course offerings. I first approached Nancy in 2013 to redesign our flagship Information Securities Awareness course and was so impressed with how quickly she worked and the quality of the results that I have been working with her ever since. Not only do I trust her to run with whatever project I give her and deliver on time, but I think her work is getting better and better!
Sam Carter CISSP − Owner of eLearning Corner


How much do you charge?

Each project is different so before we can quote you a price we need to discuss your requirements.There are many factors that can influence the price including:

  • the "course" duration
  • the quality and availablity of the source materials 
  • the level of interactivity
  • the complexity of the subject mater and the instruction
  • the type of media (text, voice, video, graphics - stock or orignial?)
  • the delivery platform
  • accessibility standards
  • your processes


How long does it take to build a course?

By using commercial authoring tools we can produce superior results and still turn your projects around quickly.

We work fast but not at the expense of quality because we believe elearning development should have the same rigor and control as successful software projects.

What is an Articulate Super Hero?

There are 18 Articulate Super Heroes in the world. Here's how Articulate describes the role:

Among the 300,000+ members of E-Learning Heroes, some folks are Super Heroes... Super Heroes are born, not made! We recognize as Super Heroes those who have already earned their capes through their high-quality community contributions. On top of sharing their technical know-how, Super Heroes stand out by setting the positive, empowering tone that people love about the E-Learning Heroes community. Our community managers recommend new Super Heroes regularly, and we invite new Super Heroes into the program based on their recommendations.

Do you only use Articulate Software?

Not always! When beginning a new project we do an assessmet to determine what tools are best for the job. We've developed projects in Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia,VideoScribe, GoAnimate and Flash. Recently, we developed a series of training videos using Adobe After Effects because none of the elearning tools could give us the level of animation required to really make those videos pop. 

Whatever we use, we keep in mind that tools are just the means to an end and that the quality of the instruction and the needs of the learner come first.

E-learning, eLearning or elearning?

You could ask a thousand people this question and get a thousand different answers. The truth is that it's a made-up word so there is no right or wrong spelling. In the spirit of modernism, we've chosen to use elearning as our standard - remember back in the days when email had a hyphen - well, those days are gone! We do respect the right of our clients, colleagues, and competitors to spell it any way they like so if you see a variant spelling on our site it's not a typo - it's respect!

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