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Pinched Head is a privately owned eLearning company located in Toronto. Founded in 2008, our goal is to empower organizations of all shapes and sizes to train people more effectively. We've helped organizations from Napanee to Nairobi achieve their goals by creating interactive learning experiences relevant to their specific business needs.

Our Name

We could have chosen a business-like name, one with the word "Learn" in it or something with a big "E" in the title, but that wouldn't reflect who we are. The word Pinched Head, (pronounced \ˈpinched\ \ˈhed\) is a noun that derives its origin from Greek and signifies "someone who displays great creativity in communicating complex ideas to the masses." It was often said of Plato and Aristotle that they were the greatest "Pinched Heads" of their era. ...okay, okay... we're kidding.

The name really came about when we were first getting involved with digital design. We were tasked with putting together an online photo directory for our organization and someone in our team had PhotoShop. The result? — a directory of photos that looked like something seen in one of those concave fun-house mirrors. Our heads were pinched so that the brain part was really huge and our faces really squished. Why do I tell you this? Because at Pinched Head we believe that learning has to include a sense of exploration and discovery. It starts with a need to do something and provides a creative place to be gain experience within the context of the learning.

Our Philosophy

We take our work seriously, but approach it with a sense of fun. We stay grounded by following these six guiding principles:
  1. Sometimes the biggest ideas come from the smallest voices. Make sure all are heard.
  2. Clarity is key. Help people understand.
  3. Innovation is not a dirty word. Don't be afraid to try something new or different.
  4. Every service needs fixing. Do better each time.
  5. Learning should not be a drag. Even dull subjects deserve creative solutions.
  6. Integrity matters. Strive to deliver what is promised.

Our Leadership

nancy Nancy Woinoski

My Story

Robert Frost wrote about the road not taken as a metaphor for the choices people make in life. Looking at my own career, it sometimes feels like I've travelled every road (and hit every pot hole) to get to where I am today.

I started out writing about alternative transportation fuels well before global warming was on the radar. I did a stint as a Communications Officer at the Ministry of Correctional Services where I interviewed, photographed and wrote about the "guests" of the province. Talk about learning by fire how to deal with all types of people.

My career took a turn when I joined Reuters as a Marketing Manager and built an international customer base for a global securities lending system. It turned again when I joined a small software company as a Documentation and Training Manager where I learned the importance of customizing training to customer needs. It was then on to Nortel where I led the documentation and training team into the digital world. After Nortel, I took a role as a Director of Professional Services with a services company where I managed all aspects of custom web development to ensure the successful completion of customer projects. All this prepared me for Pinched Head where I'm happy to say I've found the best place to use everything I've learned along the way.

At Pinched Head, I lead our efforts to innovate the way we plan and deliver work for our clients.

How I Learn

In high school, a teacher once told me that he measured the success of his class by whether or not I was engaged in the lesson. He's lucky I was ever engaged because I learn best by trying things out for myself. The classroom is not my thing (even though I spent a lot of time in one). I think one of the biggest challenges in implementing effective elearning is to figure out how to reach people in a way that they will learn without breaking the bank trying to do so.

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